Community Token(CToken) is the only Ethereum smart-contract, developed to be managed by the community. We are the first token to giveup what’s most precious to the developers of other alt coins/tokens - Decision on future development of the coin/token. With CToken, the token owners control the ecosystem- plan programs, contribute to future development and programs as they desire.

With a team of top technology, finance professionals and crypto genius, CToken is designed the make every Token-Holders part of the blockchain by given all holders real life access to decide how the wealth should be created, managed and destributed. This will involve social media campaign and votings and programs bi monthly as one of the ways of creating value for the token.
Note: We would release the official website and mobile App (IOS & Android) for CToken after the ICO.

Why should our tokens and coins be managed by a group of people called developers alone?

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Community Token(CT) will be traded on EtherDelta and the 2 other exchanges voted by the community in the telegram group.

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